WIAA Annual General Meeting 2020 & Guest Speakers

Due to restrictions on gatherings and travel because of COVID-19, the Weighing Industry Association of Australia Limited 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held as a virtual meeting Thursday, 8 October 2020 at 9.30am AEDT.

To attend the meeting, PLEASE REGISTER HERE before 5.00pm AEDT Monday 5 October 2020, and a Zoom link will be emailed to you.

The AGM papers are below:

We would like to invite members to nominate for a National Committee role – nominations are due by 5pm Wednesday, 30th September 2020.

Simply complete the form and return it to wiaa@theassociationspecialists.com.au.

After the AGM we will announce the winner of the Apprentice of the Year 2020 & have GUEST SPEAKERS Darryl Hines and Gavin Watts from Legal Metrology Branch – National Measurement Institute talk to us about:

 Updates on Measurement Law review
 Service licensee compliance on the next 12 months.
 OIML Updates.

WIAA Annual General Meeting Cumberland Country Golf Club 248 Old Prospect Road Greystanes Thursday 29 November 2018

WIAA Annual General Meeting Minutes – Final 4-12-18

Kilogram set to be redefined, heralding a new era of measurement.

Read the article here:



WIAA- Weighing Industry Association response to the Scope of Australia’s Measurement Laws

WIAA – response to the Scope of Australia’s Measurement Laws Discussion Paper.