Monitoring Compliance of Servicing Licensees and Verifiers

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) has recently enhanced its programs to monitor servicing licensee and verifier compliance with the regulatory requirements for verification of trade measuring instruments.

NMI is using information from a range of data sets, including verification notifications (Form 6s), test reports and trade measurement inspections, to help target those licensees and verifiers with the greatest risk of non-compliance.

NMI Inspectors are undertaking verifier instrument audits, including test report evaluations, to check the work of licensees and verifiers.

In addition to checking that verifications are being carried out in accordance with relevant instrument test procedures, areas of particular focus for NMI’s compliance monitoring include:

  • verification notifications (Form 6s) not being submitted, including those not being submitted within the required 14 days
  • test reports for complex measuring instruments not being submitted
  • verifiers performing verifications without a statement of attainment for the appropriate instrument subclass
  • licensees performing verifications without the appropriate instrument class being nominated on their licence.

NMI is committed to ensuring the laws related to instrument verification are being followed correctly and encouraging improved licensee and verifier behaviour where required. Penalties for persistent and/or severe breaches can include an infringement notice with associated fine, and/or suspension or cancellation of a servicing licence.

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